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We have been accredited with prestigious International School Award, 2016-19 by British Council Nepal on 27th August,'17. Sharing this glorious moment with our parents, staffs, students & well-wishers.
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At NMCAL we encourage our students to develop their overall dimension.
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Bachelor of Pharmacy program is a 4-year course to make one drug-expert. It is the discipline related to manufacturing, compounding and dispensing with necessary counseling regarding rational use of drugs. It is the profession that links health sciences with the molecular world.

Pharmacists are the health care professionals who play central role in medication therapy management and are essential professionals of Patient-Pharmacist-Physician triad. They are the only experts of every aspects of medicines (mechanism of action, uses, method of preparation and storage, drug interactions, adverse effects, etc.).


MISSIONTo produce orientated managers, quality controller, formulators of drug, researcher and administrator in pharmaceutical health care profession at affordable cost.To ena..

Our Goal

To provide adequate educational background for rewarding career in pharmacy profession.To enable students to make use of advance knowledge and critical thinking in generating innovative solutions.To p..


Your degree in Medical Biochemistry will give you a firm grounding in modern biochemistry, covering a broad range of topics with particular emphasis on how the subject relates to medicine and health i..
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9 Kartik
Chhat Parb
9 Kartik 2074 12:00 AM to 9 Kartik 2074 11:59 PM
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Collage competition (junior)
10 Kartik 2074 12:00 AM to 10 Kartik 2074 11:59 PM
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Carrom Competition (Senior)
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Carrom Competition (junior)
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