The profession of Pharmacy in Nepal is highly valued and service oriented. This subject provides substantial education in the disciplines of pharmaceutical sciences (both clinical and industrial settings), and it puts an emphasis on empirical education. By the end of this course, students learn application of theoretical knowledge and develop practical skills through Clinical, Hospital, Regulatory, Industrial, Quality Control Laboratory and Retail Pharmacy trainings. A Bachelor in Pharmacy graduate will be called as Pharmacist as per Nepal Pharmacy Council Act 2057 with the following career opportunities:

  • Working in multi-professional health care team involving biochemists, phytochemists, surgeons, microbiologists, physiologists etc.
  • Research in Herbal arena, development of Bulk Drug Industries
  • Pharmacist Officer for Regulatory authority, Industries, QC laboratories, Nursing Homes and Hospitals
  • Research in newly developed sciences: onco-pharmacy, nuclear pharmacy, proteomics, proteogenomics, bioinformatics and immune-pharmacology
  • Can work in NGOs/INGOs of health science
  • Can practice as licensed Pharmacist in countries like Canada, Australia, and UK after taking their equivalency examinations etc.